French Literary History: Cultures of Topology – University of Copenhagen

“French Literary History: Cultures of Topology” is a collaborative project on French literary history whose primary goal is to identify and analyze hitherto unnoticed patterns in French literary history. It does so by focusing on different commonplaces, topoi, and by evaluating these topoi’s historical and esthetical functions and evolution in literature. The projects second goal is methodological and concerns the possibility of developing a viable topological method for literary historiography.  

The project consists of one principal investigator, one associate professor, two postdocs and two phd-students. It has a wide range of international collaborators and organizes a series of academic events conferences, lectures, seminars, master-classes etc.

The project, which lasts four years starting in September 2014, is funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research and is hosted by the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies at the University of Copenhagen.